A 25 years pioneer in the field of window treatment products locally and globally

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We Are

Starting out in 1998, Venecia Group created its manufacturing company – Veneica Blinds – which was set to become a pioneer in the field. Throughout our market presence, we have developed an unprecedently innovative production line that ensures the production of extremely high-quality blinds in a remarkably short time, established a production and warehouse space of 10000 sqm, and perfected our work with a distribution fleet of 15 vehicles.
Our prime asset is our professional team of 200 industry expertise and a vast manpower base capable of an annual production capacity of 1.50 million sqm.
With a passion for manufacturing quality & sophisticated blinds combined with a wealth of experience, we ensure you get the best customer experience possible from start to finish.
Yes! We are that easy to find. We selectively partner with more than 2000 distributors all over Egypt and more overseas.

Our quality assurance procedures, unique customer experience, and after-sales service has qualified us to be the exclusive agent for international brands in Europe, USA, and Far East. (Somfy agent in Egypt)

Our Mission

To embrace our customers’ trust and turn it into the highest-quality products they need for leading an easier and more comfortable life.

Our Vision

To grow into being the leading producer of window treatment products locally and globally.


Message from the CEO

Our Valued Customers,

They say companies succeed by manufacturing the best products and providing the best services. I don’t agree!

In my personal belief, it is no longer enough for companies to have the best product or service. The real key to grow and succeed lies in the fact that companies need the trust of their customers. This very vision has been our primary asset at Venecia since it was established many years ago. We embraced this faith and trusted it to naturally fuel our passion throughout our endeavor to create high-quality products that would transform our customers’ surroundings into a more pleasant place to live happily & powerfully thrive. Thus, we grew but we didn’t grow alone; your trust kept growing with us day after day and year after year.

Where we started, where we are now, and where we are heading is a simple equation combining our passion with your satisfaction and resulting in Venecia Blinds that we envisioned and you appreciated.

Mohamed El-Shamy

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