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The latest collections of office curtains

Reputable companies are interested in the company’s decor such as (furniture – painting – curtains) because the company’s appearance is important to its customers and indicates the company’s luxury. There is no doubt that curtains are an integral part of the decor of any office, because the installation of office curtains adds beauty and distinction to the decor of any office room.

The best types of office curtains

Due to the different tastes, the companies manufactured office curtains of various types, each type has its function in addition to its own aesthetic touch that it adds to the office. As for the best types of office curtains, here are the following:

Aluminum slats curtains for the office

Aluminum slats curtains are distinguished by controlling the angles of the slats, which achieves the required privacy.

Zebra office curtains

It has many features as it is flexible as well as it fits perfectly with most decors in addition to its multi-colours, the lifting series makes you control the percentage of light that you want in the office.

Roll office curtains

Roller office curtains are of various colors and types, and one of their most important features is that they completely block sunlight and light, and there are types that make you control the percentage of light so that it is suitable for the place, and it is used in large areas and high-rise places, and the most prominent types are (sunscreen curtains – blackout roller blinds).

Blackout office curtains

It is characterized by being easy to control, whether by electricity or cord, and it has many colors and sizes, so it is the most popular type of office curtains in use.

Vertical office blinds

Vertical curtains for the office are often made of long vertical strips of the finest fabric, which makes them highly durable. They are also characterized by their multiple colors and easy control of the light ratio, which makes them more used in offices as well as homes.

Wooden office blinds

The wooden blinds add a sophisticated artistic touch to the place, as they give the office a special character.

And after you got acquainted with the types of office curtains, perhaps the question that is in your mind now is how to choose office curtains and what are their specifications. Here is the answer in the next paragraph.

Specifications of office blinds

There is no doubt that there are specifications that you must consider when purchasing office curtains, which are:

  • The materials must be of high quality.
  • Being able to block light efficiently.
  • The length should be proportional to the length of the wall.
  • The width should be proportional to the width of the wall.
  • To be easy to disassemble and install without the need for an installation technician as much as possible.

 Modern office curtains

Office curtains, in addition to their many benefits and advantages, are characterized by elegance and modernity, as they keep pace with the modern era through the multiplicity of their shapes and colors that are commensurate with modern office furniture.

Modern office curtains are often distinguished by the simplicity of those with a delicate taste, with their calm colors and character that makes them suitable for various forms of modern decoration.

In particular, the director’s office is one of the most important offices of the company or factory, so the curtains are of a special nature, and this is what you will know in the next paragraph.

Director’s office curtains (curtains behind the desk)

The manager’s office has a special importance due to the reception of clients in it, so it must have a special character, and therefore the curtains in it must be distinguished by luxury and sophistication, especially (curtains behind the office)

As it adds an aesthetic touch and also contributes to blocking the light, as it makes the next customer to contract with the company feel that this place is professional and elegant, which leaves him with a good impression of the company.

Now that you have seen the specifications of office curtains and decided to buy office curtains, there is no doubt that you need to know more about how to install, follow the next paragraph with us.

Installing office curtains

Do office curtains need a specific installation service? Of course yes, in order to get the aesthetic look you want, you must seek the help of a specialist (installation technician).

But in some types of curtains, we may need to know the required size only, and the curtains are ready to be installed

In order to obtain quality, guarantee, and speed of performance, you must deal with a professional company in the manufacture and installation of office curtains, so you need to contact Venecia, the best curtain store in Egypt and install them.

Venecia is the best place to sell office and corporate curtains

Venecia is the best company in the manufacture and installation of curtains as it:

  •  It has a long history in the world of curtains, it was established in 1998 and therefore it has an experience of 25 years.
  •  It has a distinguished team of installation technicians, it also has excellent customer service and more than 2000 distributors,
  •  It has an unprecedentedly innovative production line that ensures the production of high quality curtains in a short time.
  • The curtains are of high quality and materials that have strength, durability and good taste.

If you need to install elegant, distinctive, high-quality office curtains, Venecia is the perfect choice because it is considered the best curtain manufacturer in Egypt. Contact us to enjoy a distinguished level of service with quality comparable to the quality provided by major international companies at competitive prices.

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