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Aluminum slats curtains for the office

Aluminum slats curtains are one of the most important decorative touches in any home, and slats curtains for the office may also be the best choice for workplace owners, as they add an aesthetic touch to the place in addition to giving you complete privacy. This is because it is made of aluminum strips that provide a great degree of privacy inside any place.

In this article, learn about the advantages of aluminum slats curtains, where to install aluminum slats curtains, types of slats curtains for the office, and the prices of aluminum slats curtains; Just follow us to the end.

Features of aluminum slats curtains (metal slats curtains)

Slide curtains, whether slide curtains for the office or for the home, are among the best types of curtains that receive the approval of many people, because they achieve many advantages, including:

  • Office slats curtains have the ability to block the scorching sun.
  • It has a long shelf life.
  • It is characterized by hardness and durability.
  • Easy to clean and install.
  • It gives you complete privacy.
  • It prevents the entry of insects and dust.
  • Fire resistant.
  • It is used in many places, especially the office and home office rooms.
  • Not affected by harsh weather factors.
  • Aluminum slats curtains are characterized by a variety of designs and colors.
  • It has the ability to isolate sound.
  • The venetian blinds give you the ability to see clearly without being blacked out.
  • There are many color strips of curtains to match all decors.
  • It works to save energy.
  • Available in many models such as longitudinal slats curtains, office roller blinds and other models.

All these advantages are achieved by installing this type of curtain thanks to its components made of aluminum to provide the highest levels of privacy that anyone is looking for. Learn about the components of slats curtains for the office below.

Components of slats curtains for office

The most notable feature of the aluminum slats blinds is their durable aluminum components; Where the curtain consists of:

  • Aluminum slats.
  • Accessories for lifting slides.
  • Slide lifting threads.
  • Long curtain control chain.
  • Motor for lifting and lowering the curtain.
  • fixing angles.

But do you see that there are certain places suitable for installing aluminum slats curtains in them and not others? This is what we will answer in the next paragraph.

Places to install aluminum slats curtains

There are many places to install aluminum slats curtains, as they are suitable for all places, including:

Slatted curtains for the office

Slatted office curtains provide privacy for employees in addition to sound insulation and enable them to work in a quiet atmosphere.

Slide curtains for homes

It is suitable for all places in the house according to the customer’s taste, especially the office rooms in the homes, as the metal slats curtains are very suitable for those rooms thanks to their distinctive designs and colors.

You can choose among models of striped curtains of colors that suit the decor of your home or office according to your personal preferences from Venecia, and make sure that you will find the best and finest models with the best materials and the best prices.

Types of slats curtains for the office

Venecia offers many types of curtains, especially slatted curtains for the office, and not only aluminum slatted curtains. Venecia drapes are distinguished by their many types and colors, including:

  • Venetian blinds slats.
  • Longitudinal slats curtains.
  • Color slats curtains.
  • Roll office curtains.
  • Slatted office curtains.
  • Wood slats curtains.
  • Fabric slats curtains.

The question remains, what are the prices of aluminum slats curtains? Here is the answer in our next paragraph, during which you will learn about the price of slats curtains and the most important factors controlling the price determination.

Aluminum slats curtains prices

The prices of aluminum slats curtains differ from one company to another, but in general, the price per meter of aluminum slats curtains starts from 700 Egyptian pounds. This price may double according to many factors that control the price of slats curtains, including:

  • The quality of the materials made of the curtains.
  • The quality of the accessories needed to install the curtains.
  • Installation service.
  • Experienced manufacturer and technicians.
  • The size of the curtain itself.

Venecia Company offers the finest types of curtains, slats for the office, and other curtains with wonderful designs and attractive colors that suit all decors, which you can choose from with utmost freedom and be sure that you will find your request.

The best curtain companies – Venecia

There are many companies that produce slats curtains for the office, but Venicia remains the best because it owns a curtain factory in Egypt of its own and produces a wide range of curtains that make it the perfect choice for customers, namely:

  1. The quality of the materials used in the manufacture of special metal slats curtains and other types of curtains in general.
  2. Venecia is unique with its distinctive, exquisite designs.
  3. Venecia gives you the advantage of choosing your own design.
  4. It has a technical staff for installation trained in the latest technology used in the manufacture and installation of blinds.
  5. Commitment to deliver the curtains on time without disruption or delay.

Therefore, if you want to obtain aluminum slats curtains with the best materials, contact the Venecia company through the company’s specific means of communication.

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