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ستائر البامبو في مصر

Bamboo blinds – 10 advantages of bamboo blinds in Egypt

Are you a fan of natural? Are you someone who likes to have forms of nature in your home?
Then you will love this wonderful product from Venecia, Venecia Blinds Company produces the best types of curtains inspired by nature scenes, which are bamboo blinds or bamboo blinds.

Bamboo curtains in Egypt are among the best types of curtains as they protect you from intense sunlight and dusty air while making you look elegant.
What are bamboo blinds made of? What are the advantages of bamboo curtains? Where can bamboo blinds be placed? All this and more you will find in this article, just follow us.

What are bamboo blinds made of?

Bamboo curtains are very popular because they are made of the finest types of wood and yarns that provide you with an aesthetic look that increases the beauty and luxury of your place, in addition to its advantages and characteristics that attract you to buy it.

Advantages of bamboo blinds

Installing bamboo blinds in Egypt brings many advantages to any place where they are installed, and these features are what make them an ideal choice for your home or company, the most prominent of which are:

  • Bamboo curtains protect you from sunlight and heat.
  • The splendor of its aesthetic forms gives a wonderful aesthetic view of the place.
  • Suitable for all places and purposes.
  • Withstand severe weather conditions.
  • It is not expensive and its prices are suitable for everyone, as the prices of bamboo curtains in Venice start from 875 EGP per square meter, including installation inside Cairo.
  • It keeps the atmosphere clean inside the house, which helps people with allergies and asthma.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Ease of installation, as it relies on pulley and rope only for its system.
  • Enjoy complete privacy in the place.
  • Bamboo curtains may also have a role in sound insulation.

All these features make bamboo blinds required and the demand for them is great, but where can this type of blind be installed? Find out the answer in our next paragraph.

Where can bamboo blinds be placed?

Bamboo curtains are suitable for many places and have many uses. Among the places in which bamboo curtains can be used are the following:

  • Offices and companies.
  • Chalets and swimming pools.
  • windows.
  • kitchens.
  • saunas
  • homes.

Are bamboo blinds safe and withstand the sun’s rays?

The question of how well bamboo curtains can withstand sunlight is one of the questions that occupies the minds of many. In fact, bamboo curtains are completely safe, as they were specially made of high-quality materials to withstand the sun’s rays and protect you from its bright light and high temperature.
Phenicia provides the best types of bamboo blinds made of the finest types of wood, so do not worry about installing bamboo blinds, as they are completely safe and have a very long life and do not need frequent maintenance.

Shapes and colors of bamboo blinds

Bamboo curtains are distinguished by their colors that suit all the decorations of the place, as there are many colors in them, the most prominent of which are gray, black, white and brown. As for their shapes, there are also many shapes such as geometric shapes and others, so that you can choose the appropriate ones for your place.

Types of bamboo blinds

There are many bamboo blinds in Egypt, which are:

  • Bamboo curtains rings.
  • Bamboo curtains.
  • Bamboo string curtains.
  • Bamboo Roman Blinds.
  • Balcony bamboo blinds.
  • Bamboo Roller Blinds.
  • Bamboo rolling blinds.
  • Natural bamboo window blinds.
  • Japanese style bamboo blinds.
  • Bamboo curtains for offices.
  • Bamboo curtains for home.
  • Wooden Bamboo Blinds.

You can find all of these types available at the Venecia Blinds Company with the best quality and competitive prices. The question now is: Are the prices of bamboo curtains expensive or appropriate? Here’s the answer in the next paragraph.

Bamboo blinds prices in Egypt

The prices of bamboo blinds vary in Egypt, due to several factors:

1- Product quality.
2- The size of the curtain.
3- The quantity required, as they usually provide good quotations for large quantities.

If you want to get high quality bamboo blinds at affordable prices to have in your home or workplace as a part of nature; Do not hesitate to contact Phenicia, as it has everything you want and more.

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