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Blackout Roller Blinds

Are you one of those people who are disturbed by too much light, especially when sleeping? Are you one of those people who prefer calm and detachment from the outside world? Here’s the solution, Black Out Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds are a breakthrough in the world of curtains, as they block light and make you control the appropriate amount of light. What are blackout roller blinds? And what are its advantages? This is what we will learn about in this article.

What are blackout roller blinds?

Blackout curtains are one of the most important blackout curtains as they work to isolate the sun’s rays. Blackout roller blinds are usually more suitable in bedrooms in order to remain dark and thus help in deep sleep, and there are many colors and types.

Types of blackout curtains

There are many types of blackout curtains between:

Spanish blackout curtains

It is a Spanish model that is often made in Spain; But the same model may also be made in different countries such as Egypt, Turkey and China, and the degree of opacity varies according to the quality of the product and also the prices vary.

American blackout curtains

It is composed of three layers, the middle layer is the one that blocks the light and its color is black. This type is imported, and it is divided into two types:

American origin: It is 100% completely opaque and of good quality. It can withstand harsh conditions.

Chinese American: Made in China Not completely opaque, it is about 90% opaque.

Blackout velvet curtains

The blackout roller blinds add a touch of elegance to the place, and they are of good quality.

Features of blackout curtains, sun insulator

Blackout roller blinds have many advantages that make them the most popular with our customers, and perhaps the most prominent features:

  •  Multiple designs and colors.
  •  They block out the light and you can control the degree of light.
  • It prevents noise as it is soundproof.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It does not need to be maintained continuously.
  •  It has a shelf life.
  • Not affected by weather factors.

White blackout curtains

There are many colors of blackout roller blinds, some of them are black and some are white, and the white color is distinguished by its bright whiteness and gives joy to the place, but it must be preserved and taken care of so that it remains completely clean so as not to distort its appearance, and the question now is how to install blackout roller blinds?

The answer is in the next paragraph.

How to install out curtains

There is a specific way to install blackout curtains but it is easy if you follow these steps:

1- Place the curtain rod.

2- Determine the location of the bracket.

3- Hanging the bow in the place specified for it.

4- Then we put the hooks and their function is to hold the curtain.

5- Then we place adhesive tapes between the curtains.

7- Finally, we install the curtain, making sure it is well installed.

The question remains, what are the prices of blackout roller blinds? This is what you will know in the next paragraph.

Blackout roller blinds prices in Egypt

Blackout Roller Blinds prices vary according to:

  •  Material quality.
  • Is the curtain imported or homemade
  •  The quantity to be purchased because large quantities receive offers and discounts.
  • The curtain model itself, is it plain, patterned, or 3D curtains

All of these factors affect the price of Blackout Roller Blinds. In general, the prices of Blackout Roller Blinds in Egypt, especially Venice, start from 475 EGP, including installation inside Cairo.

Best Selling Blackout Roller Blinds Company

Now you may be wondering, is there a curtain company that I can buy high-quality blackout roller blinds from? Yes, absolutely. Venecia Curtains Company is considered the largest manufacturer of curtains in Egypt in the manufacture and installation of curtains, as it has a long experience that extends to more than 25 years, and it also has a technical staff at the highest level and has the best materials and the best prices.

You can order any quantity and any type you want from blackout roller blinds or others, and we are able to fulfill any quantity, all you have to do is contact us at any time to communicate with our team and request what you want.

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