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Did you know that workplaces with sufficient daylight saw an uplift of between 5 and 40% in productivity and sales? Finding the right commercial purposes blinds will not only impact your employees’ wellness but could also create the right equation of professional & trustworthy atmosphere helping you land those big deals with clients who walk into your perfectly balanced office.

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Practical Improvement

Wooden Blinds are particularly useful in the office as you can adjust light not just by raising the blinds, but also by tilting the slats. You can also change light position throughout the day: Tilt the slats inward in the morning for warmth & outwards in the afternoon to direct light away from your screens.

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Layered Control

Looking for versatile? Go for Double System Blinds. With two alternating fabrics operated separately, it is great for meeting rooms. You can switch from brainstorming meetings that require the right amount of inspiring bright light to projector presentations with absolutely no light required.

Longitudinal and vertical slats for the office

Large Windows

Large windows? Vertical Blinds are perfectly-suited for extra-large windows. Specially if your window opens up to a balcony or a patio; Vertical Blinds are an easy fast solution as you don’t have to lift them all the way up every time you want to access the outside.

office sunscreen

Welcoming Areas

Sunscreen Roller Blinds are the best solution for reception and waiting areas; places where natural light is required with the adequate amount of privacy during the day (1% to 10%). They are also energy-efficient; keep cool in during winter & heat out during summer.

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