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Double System Blinds

A multi-product solution for multi-purpose spaces

Double system Blinds are the ultimate window treatment solution for multi-purpose rooms. The dual roller blinds ensure the space can be used for a variety of purposes in a matter of no time; from brainstorming meetings that require the right amount of inspiring bright light to pass through to projector presentations with absolutely no light required in the very same room.

The system incorporates two blinds, one is made from sunscreen fabric which allows light at different rates (1%, 3%, 5%, 10%) as preferred while offering privacy. The second layer is made from blackout fabric which is perfect for complete darkness whenever needed.

Dual Operation

Two shades operated separately


Maximize small spaces


Double fabric for flexible light/complete darkness
Wonder what it would look like? Explore a LIVE simulation of available colors & fabrics in different spaces

Available Fabrics & Colors for Double System Blinds

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