Longitudinal and vertical slats for the office
ستائر رأسية للمكتب

Longitudinal and vertical slats for the office

Linear blinds and vertical blinds have become a requirement for many customers who are looking for curtains and at the same time seeking to have more distinction in their place.

Therefore, the Venecia company provides the best and finest types of longitudinal slats curtains, at the best prices; Therefore, you can follow the following article to learn about everything related to longitudinal slats or vertical curtains for the office or home and other places.

Types of longitudinal slats curtains

There are many types of longitudinal slats curtains, which differ according to the material from which the curtain is made, and perhaps the most famous of these types are the following:

Metal slats curtains

Many customers wonder about this type of curtain and how are the curtains made of metal? Metal slats curtains are curtains made of aluminum, which is characterized by its strong quality, luster, and metallic luster. Venecia offers the most beautiful forms of metal slats curtains that suit all decorations.

To learn more about the service of vertical blinds for the office with a wonderful design provided by the Venecia company, you can contact through the numbers on the home page, and you will be answered by the specialized team.

Wood slats curtains

They are curtains made of brown wood, and they also have other different colors when you ask about color striped curtains, and these wooden curtains are characterized by being resistant to weather factors and at the same time adding an aesthetic touch to the place, especially offices, and one of the most important specifications of vertical curtains for the office made of Wood slats are the following:

  • These curtains consist of wide wooden slats that work to bear the weight.
  • The width of the curtains ranges from 50 to 25 mm to protect from sunlight.
  • As for the width of the balcony, it ranges from 10 to 20 cm, to allow sunlight to enter.
  • Curtains may have decorative fabric bands that add sophistication to the curtains.

Venecia uses the finest types of manufactured wood to resist external weather. For more inquiries, you can contact the company, and a specialized team will respond to you.

Fabric slats curtains

When you ask about color slats curtains, you find that there are different types and colors of fabric slats curtains; In order to be in line with all different places and decorations and to suit all customers’ tastes, it is therefore installed in many places such as offices, homes, companies and other places, and it is made of first sorting fabric, any of the finest types of fabrics.

Characteristics of longitudinal fabric slats curtains

There are many advantages that are distinguished by the fabric strip curtains, and the most important of these features are the following:

  • Its shapes suit all different places.
  • Their prices are suitable for all groups.
  • Made from the best raw materials.
  • It bears different climatic factors and conditions.
  • It protects the place from dust and maintains it well.
  • Easy to care and maintain for a long period of time.

To find out more information about vertical blinds for the office made of strips of fabric, you can contact the Venecia company, and a specialized team will respond to you.

Plastic slats curtains

We also found many advantages that distinguish metal, wood, and fabric slats curtains. We also find some customers prefer plastic slats curtains, which have many advantages, including the following:

  • These slides are made of the best plastic materials, which is P.V.C.
  • Curtains are not affected by the sun’s heat and do not change color.
  • The plastic slats are closed through the upper hangers in order to be controlled with ease.
  • Easy to wash with water or synthetic detergents without changing materials or colors.
  • The slats of these curtains are kept straight by the arch in the slats.

Prices for longitudinal slats

The prices of longitudinal slats and vertical blinds for the office differ due to the presence of many factors, including:

  • Quality materials for longitudinal slats curtains
  • The quantities to be purchased.
  • Curtain models.
  • Is the curtain an Egyptian industry or imported?
  • The size of the window to which the blinds are installed.
  • Experience and competence of engineers and technicians who manufacture and install curtains.

All these factors affect longitudinal slats curtains, and to inquire more and to know more details about the price of vertical blinds for the office, you can contact Venecia.

Who is the best company for manufacturing longitudinal slats or vertical blinds for the office?

Venecia is the largest manufacturer of curtains in Egypt in the manufacture and installation of longitudinal slats, as it has a long experience of more than 25 years, and it has a technical staff at the highest level and it has the best materials and the best prices.

You can order the quantities you want and want to buy them from fabric slats curtains, longitudinal slats curtains, or other types of curtains; All you have to do is contact us at any time and request what you want.

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