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Modern wooden blinds collection

Choosing home decor is one of the basics of people with good taste. Curtains have entered the world of artistic decorations from the widest doors, especially wooden curtains. They are a distinctive decorative addition to many places as they provide you with privacy, and you can also control the amount of light that you want through wooden curtains.

What are wooden blinds? What are the advantages of modern wooden blinds? Are there types of wooden blinds? This is what we know in this article.

What are wooden blinds?

Wooden blinds are the finest types of blinds, as they appear as a piece of luxurious décor.

It is a group of brown wood slices of various colors that suit the weather changes, which makes wood slice curtains a distinctive addition to the house, whether in summer or winter.

Wood blinds specification

Modern wooden blinds have the following specifications:

  • Wooden blinds consist of wide wooden slats.
  • The wooden slats are from 25 to 50 mm wide.
  • The width of the balcony is 10 or 20 cm, so that sunlight can enter.
  • Decorative fabric strips add beauty to the shape of the curtain and it has many colors.
  • Wood slats are available in different colors to match the home decor.

Advantages of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are the perfect choice for those with good taste because of their great features, which are:

  •  Ease of use: by means of a rope on both sides.
  • Suitable cost: Not expensive and its prices are affordable for everyone, as the prices of wooden blinds start from 1,900 EGP per square meter, including installation inside Cairo.
  • Moisture resistance: to adapt to weather changes such as heat in summer or rain in winter.
  • Durability and strength: It is made of the finest wood and then painted to protect it from scratching and moisture.
  • Elegant Appearance: It looks great as a decorative piece.
  • Light control: thus enjoying the right degree of light in the room.
  • It provides you with privacy: by being able to control the degree of opening of the curtain slats.
  • It is available in various models, including, for example, wood roller blinds, wood slats blinds.

The question now is, are wooden blinds installed in a specific place, or is it possible to install them anywhere? This is what we will answer you about in the next paragraph.

Different places to install wooden blinds

Wooden curtains are suitable for all places due to their wonderful shape, which makes them an artistic decorative addition that gives the place luxury and sophistication. The most used places for them are:

  • companies.
  • Factories.
  • homes.
  • offices.

Here are the best companies in the manufacture and installation of wooden blinds.

The best companies in the manufacture and installation of wooden blinds

The Venecia company is absolutely the best company in the field of curtains, as it:

  • She has long experience in the world of curtains.
  • Offering you the finest wood in the manufacture of wooden blinds.
  • It has a technical staff at the highest level.
  • It has a large production line that provides you with the required quantity, no matter how large it is.
  • Commitment to installation dates without delay or disruption.
  • It has the best materials and accessories needed to install wooden blinds.
  • Competitive prices suitable for all.

Other types of curtains offered by Venecia

Venecia is a pioneer in the world of curtains as it has many other curtain products that are not just wooden blinds, including but not limited to:

  • Roller blinds.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Sunlight.
  • Black Out.
  • Zebra blinds.

If you need any kind of blinds, whether they are wood slats, wood roller blinds, or any other type, do not hesitate to go to the Venecia company, which has everything you want at competitive prices.

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