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Office Roller Blinds

Roller office curtains are the most important piece in the office decor as they add an aesthetic touch to the place, in addition to their various colors and shapes that suit all decors. The price of office roller blinds in Egypt, and are roller blinds cheap? Are there 3D roller blinds? What about the best company for roller blinds in Egypt? Are blackout curtains better? What is the best blackout roller blind design company in Egypt? You will find all this and more with us in this article.. so follow us.

Roller blinds specifications

When buying blackout roller blinds in Egypt or office roller blinds, you should pay attention to the availability of some features of the curtain until you reach the best choice. You should pay attention to:

Curtain sizes

You have to choose a suitable size for the size of the window according to the length and width of the wall, and according to your desire is that you want the curtain to cover the entire wall or the window only.

Block out the sound

You have to choose a good type, as good types block annoying sound outside the office.

Save electricity consumption

Take care to choose a high-quality product that helps you maintain the room temperature by blocking intense light through the blackout layer and also cools thanks to the thickness of the curtain, thus saving electricity consumption because you do not need heating devices.

Aesthetic look

Roller office curtains come in many shapes and colors, which makes them fit with all decors and give them a wonderful aesthetic touch, but you have to choose a shape and color suitable for your home decor.

Venecia offers ready-made roller blinds, which are fabric roller blinds made entirely of the finest materials that make them withstand heat and light, and thus have a long life span, so they are not quickly damaged by the high heat of the sun. Contact us to show you the latest models.

Types of office roller blinds

There are many types of office roller blinds, each with its own advantages and characteristics, including:

  • Blackout roll curtains, which are the most famous types of roll curtains, as they completely block the light and give you peace and privacy, so the prices of blackout roll curtains are suitable for everyone.
  • Sun screen roll curtains are considered modern office curtains with modern colors and designs.
  • Zebra roll curtains are Fabric Roll curtains with transparent and opaque transverse stripes.

There are also slatted Office curtains, which are light-blocking and heat-blocking curtains.

But the question now is what is the price of office roller blinds and their features that make them the best for most customers? This is what we will learn about in our next paragraph.

Features of roller blinds for the office

Roller office curtains are among the best types of curtains that have many advantages that make them very popular, including:

  • Roller blinds allow you to control light and heat.
  • Office Roller Blinds give you privacy and tranquility.
  • Roller blinds are available that are easy to install and use.
  • Easy to clean and does not require special cleaning agents.
  • Office roller blinds have a long lifespan.
  • It does not need regular maintenance.
  • Office roller blinds add an aesthetic touch to the place.
  • The price of office roller blinds is reasonable and not expensive – on the contrary, some people think that roller blinds are cheap.
  • Roller blinds are thicker fabrics that block out intense light.
  • Blackout roller blinds and 3D roller blinds are available, which are very popular.

Roller blinds prices in Egypt

The prices of blackout roller blinds in Egypt vary according to many factors, including size, type of fabric, and its quality, but the prices of roller blinds in Egypt start from 450 EGP per square meter, including installation inside Cairo.

As we mentioned, determining the price of office roller blinds depends on several factors, namely:

  • Curtain size; As the size of each curtain is different from the other, and the larger the curtain, the higher the price.
  • The quality of the fabrics and materials used, Venecia is characterized by providing you with the finest materials at reasonable prices. We cannot say that they are cheap roller blinds, but they are of high quality at an affordable price.
  • The shape and design of the curtain, the type and design of office roll curtains differ from one curtain to another, as the price of 3D roll curtains differs from the regular types.

And if you want to know the prices approximately, you must determine the sizes of your place and contact us to give you the price, but the question now is what are the best office roller blinds companies in Egypt?

What is the best roller blinds company in Egypt

Venecia company is the best company in the manufacture of office roll curtains, especially and other types in general, as it has several advantages over other companies, namely:

  • Offers you all kinds of office roll curtains such as (ready-made Roll curtains-Fabric Roll curtains – also offers the best prices for black out roll curtains in Egypt)
  • We offer you the finest fabrics and materials from which curtains are manufactured, which are the first sorting.
  • Provide you with preview and installation service.
  • Choosing ready-made roller blinds will save you time and effort.
  • Provide you with a technical installation staff of the highest level.
  • Respect for time is one of its most important advantages.
  • Multiple designs of all shapes and colors.
  • The best prices for black out roll curtains in Egypt.

Therefore, Venecia company is the perfect choice and according to the testimony of customers who have experienced with it, to learn more about the latest forms of office roll curtains and other types of curtains – you can contact us now.

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