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Prices for electric curtains for homes

Technology has become a feature of the times, and with the development of devices in the home and the emergence of many designs and decorations, the curtains also gained a lot of luck from this technological development, and you can control them while you are in your place and with the press of a button, through the production of electric curtains with remote control, which are available in many types such as electric curtains Canvas, venetian blinds and more.

In this article, we present to you the criteria that determine the prices of electric curtains for homes, what are their advantages, and the best companies that offer you electric roller blinds.

What are electric roller blinds and what are their advantages?

Before we know the prices of electric curtains for homes, we first know the nature of electric roller blinds and their most important features.

Electric curtains are curtains with electric motors that can be controlled by remote control or by smartphone and have many advantages.

Features of electric curtains with remote control

The spread of electric curtains for homes in Egypt is due to the number of advantages that this type of curtain enjoys, as they are:

  • It provides you with the required comfort and calmness.
  • Save effort and time by remote control.
  • Easy to install without the need for technicians or helpers.
  • You can control it on your mobile phone through a smart app.
  • Various shapes and designs to meet different tastes.
  • Suitable for different types of fabrics, designs and spaces.
  • It has a modern appearance that reflects the modernity and sophistication of the house.

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Types of electric blinds

The prices of electric curtains for homes vary according to the type of curtain itself, as electric curtains for homes are available in many types, including what is electric curtains, such as:

  • Sunscreen electric blinds.
  • Blackout electric blinds.

Including what is metal such as:

  • Electric venetian blinds.

These are the most popular types of electric roller blinds.
As for the prices of electric curtains for homes, this is what we will talk about in detail in the next paragraph.

Prices for electric curtains for homes

Electric roll prices vary according to the factors affecting prices, which are:

Engine type

There is no doubt that the type of motor used in the curtain affects its price. Certainly, using a French-made Somfy motor in the curtain will not be priced like the price of installing a Chinese-made motor of lower quality. Therefore, the type and manufacture of the motor is a key factor in determining the prices of electric curtains for homes. In Venecia, we are keen to use the best quality Types of motors, including Somfy motors. We are Somfy agent in Egypt.

The quality of the materials

Good materials that do not have manufacturing defects are more expensive, so our advice is not to get carried away with the slogans of the lowest prices for blinds with remote control in Egypt, because this may be offset by poor quality.

Accessories quality

The accessories used in installing the curtain, the better they are, the more the price of the curtain will certainly vary.
I know that you need to know a specific price, and although this is difficult, we can say that the average price of electric curtains for homes in Egypt often ranges between 800 EGP to 2000 EGP per meter, depending on the previous factors.

Venecia is the best electric blinds shop

Venecia is the best store in manufacturing and selling curtains in general and electric curtains for homes in Egypt in particular, as it has many advantages, which are:

  • Egypt’s agent for Somfy Motors, the best international company in the manufacture of curtain motors.
  • The quality of materials and accessories used by the company in all its models.
  • It has a technical staff for inspection and installation trained at the highest level.
  • It has a large production line, which allows you to provide the required quantity, whatever its size.
  • She has a great experience in the world of curtains, which made her sit on the throne of curtain companies.
  • Commitment to appointments without delay or disruption.
  • Their prices are suitable for everyone.
  • Multiple designs and colors.

Finally, if you are looking for high-quality remote control curtains, do not hesitate and contact us immediately at Venecia.

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