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Rolling shutter prices in Egypt

Are you looking for complete privacy? Do you like calm and detachment from the outside world? Are you bothered by strong sunlight and would like less light while sleeping without having wooden windows? Here is the solution from Venecia Blinds – rolling shutter curtains – which is one of the best types of curtains.

In this article, we review the most important information about Shish Al -Ast, which is formed a mats shish? What are its advantages? What about the prices of Shish mat in Egypt? Is it economical or expensive? All this and more just follow us.

What is rolling shutter?

To begin with, before talking about the prices of rolling shutters in Egypt, let us get to know the nature of this type of curtain. The rolling shutters are slats made of either aluminum or wood filled with foam (which is the insulating material), which makes it capable of isolating sound and blocking light to provide the necessary privacy for the place.

What is the rolling shutter made of?

Rolling shutters consist of:

  • slides.
  • outer box.
  • bypass.
  • Moving tools if it is manual (manual rolling shutter).
  • Motors if electric (electric rolling shutter).

As for the prices of rolling shutters in Egypt, they vary according to their types and raw materials. For example, the prices of armored rolling shutters differ from the prices of rolling shutters with remote control.

But let us first tell you about the advantages of rolling shutters before we tell you about the prices of rolling shutters in Egypt.

Advantages and disadvantages of rolling shutters

Like any product or item that you own, it has some advantages and on the other hand, it has some disadvantages.

Features of installing rolling shutters

What increases people’s demand for installing a rolling shutter is the number of advantages involved in this type of curtain, perhaps the most important of which are:

  • Sun and heat insulation: It works to protect from the harsh sun’s heat and its intense light.
  • Sound insulation: The rolling shutter works to isolate the sound and thus provides you with peace.
  • Providing complete protection: It works to provide protection against theft through the insulating material while maintaining the ventilation of the place and providing the required degree of lighting.
  • Maintaining the temperature of the house: it prevents air conditioning from leaking and heat from outside the house, which provides a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Diversity: We find the availability of the manual type (manual rolling shutter) and the electric type (electric rolling shutter).
  • Available in many colors: You have the opportunity to choose from many colors that match your home décor.

Disadvantages of rolling shutters

Despite the many advantages of rolling shutters, it has minor drawbacks, which we explain as follows:

  • You need an installation technician because installing it on your own is very difficult.
  • Need maintenance.
  • Sometimes it is impractical.

Certainly, after all these features, you are eager to know the prices of rolling shutters, we will tell you, but after getting to know the types of rolling shutters, as we mentioned that the price varies according to the type, so we have to clarify the types first.

The most famous types of rolling shutters in Egypt

There are many types of rolling shutters that you will find in the catalog of rolling shutters at Phenicia Company, and the most prominent of these types are:

1- Laminated rolling shutter

Laminated rolling shutter is resistant to intrusions; Therefore, it is used in banks, garages, and companies, but it does not insulate external heat and sound, which makes the demand for it weak. To inquire about the prices of muslin rolling shutters, you can contact us so that our customer service team will answer you.

2- Electric rolling shutter

Electric rolling shutters are easy to clean, easy to install, work in the event of a power outage, storm resistant and provide full protection from the sun and sound.

3- Manual rolling shutter

Manual rolling shutter is easy to use, good insulator of heat and light, and provides the required privacy.

4- Rolling shutters with remote control

Rolling shutters with remote control are an alternative to wooden shutters and work to protect against theft, maintain the required house temperature as it is a good insulator of heat and light, and provide comfort through the use of the remote control.

5- Alumetal rolling shutter

It is easy to use, easy to clean, sound and heat insulating, and has many forms, namely:

  • Alumetal rolling shutters, tractor.
  • Alometal hinged rolling shutter.
  • Shutter mat Alumetal suction.

6- Rolling shutters for the balcony

Rolling shutters for balcony are good sound and heat insulators, providing safety and protection from theft, and the price of balcony rolling shutters is economical to a large extent in exchange for the privacy and security that it provides.

Now we come to the price of rolling shutters. What are the prices of rolling shutters in Egypt? Follow our next paragraph to know the answer.

Rolling shutter prices in Egypt

The price of rolling shutters or any type of curtain is usually determined by a group of factors:

  • The raw materials used and their quality in rolling shutters.
  • The type of curtain, for example, the prices of armored rolling shutters differ from the prices of electric rolling shutters.
  • Colors where white differs from other colors.
  • Is the curtain electric or manual.
  • Do you need a motor or not.
  • Installation and supply services.

All these factors make the price of rolling shutters different from one company to another, but if we want to mention a figure like the average prices of rolling shutters in Egypt, we will find that prices range from 1950 to 3800 pounds for the manual type, while electric shutters range from 2300 to 6500 pounds per meter.

What we mentioned about the numbers about rolling shutter prices are only approximate numbers that can be increased or decreased. If you need to know the prices of rolling shutters and see all the models available in the catalog of rolling shutters for the Venecia company accurately, you can contact us on WhatsApp so that our customer service team will answer you with all the details.

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