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Enjoy Your Windows in a New Light with Motorized Blinds & Shades Powered by Somfy

Ultra-powerful and Ultra-quiet

Somfy operates in 57 countries and is the world leader in automatic controls for openings and closures in homes and buildings. It offers a range of motorized solutions and control points and is a key player in your home.

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Over 50 years of innovation

From the first roller shutter motor, heralding the end of the crank handle, to the smart home, Somfy has spent the last 50 years assisting and making life easier for millions of users around the world. Day after day, Somfy imagine what the home of tomorrow will look like. Somfy imagine a more comfortable, more responsible and safer home. Somfy create new solutions, reliable and sustainable, that improve life and well-being.

Why Somfy?

Greater Convenience

You can create the ambience to match your mood with the simple touch of a button. No more hard to manage chains or cords that always seem to get tangled, which also means it is safer with young children around.

Longer Lifespan

The smooth operation of Somfy’s motors means your blinds and curtains are never mistreated. There are no chains or cords to get damaged or broken.

Energy Efficiency

Automated blinds and curtains help to reduce your energy costs. In summer they maximize shade and sun protection to keep your space cool, and in winter it let the sun come in for natural warmth and light.

Quiet & Discreet

Somfy’s world leading motors work silently and hidden inside your blind or behind your curtain. 

Connecting Your Shades to Your Home


For more information about our Somfy products,  download the technical specifications sheets.

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