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Vertical Blinds

A wide range of high-quality performance fabrics, colors, and patterns offering various styling options

Our Vertical Blinds have a 180 degrees rotation option to allow just the right amount of desired light into your space or preserve your privacy. They don’t just allow you to get a great light control, but you can also harmonize them to fit any space furnishing design as they are a perfect fit for small or extremely large windows. 

Due to their fabric and shape, dust falls more between the blinds which hold its most advantage of very little cleaning required. You can have your unique mix of patterns or go for a simpler choice with one of our minimalistic neutral tones. No matter what your choice will be, Vertical Blinds will make the perfect addition to your home or office.


Perfect for multipurposed requirements

Low Maintenance

Very little cleaning required

Light/Privacy Control

180 degreed rotation option
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