Zebra blinds prices in Egypt 2024
اسعار ستائر زيبرا في مصر

Zebra blinds prices in Egypt 2024

If you prefer privacy and dim light, you will definitely look for zebra blinds prices, but before you ask about zebra blinds prices, we must know the nature of this type of blinds.

What are zebra blinds? What are its advantages? Does it have a specific installation method? What is the average price of zebra blinds in Egypt? What are the best companies that provide distinctive designs of zebra blinds? This is what we will get to know together in this article.

What are zebra blinds?

Zebra blinds consist of a group of strips, some of which are transparent and others are non-transparent, and these curtains are characterized by giving you the complete privacy that you want, and you can control them through the side rope, thus controlling the percentage of light that you want.
Zebra blinds are perhaps one of the most widely used types of blinds; This is due to its advantages, but with regard to prices, there is a great variation in the prices of zebra blinds from one company to another, depending on many factors, but let us first learn about the types of zebra blinds.

Types of zebra blinds

There are many types of zebra blinds, the most popular types are as follows:

  • Aluminium.
  • vinyl.
  • the wood.
  • fabric.
  • the skin.
  • bamboo.

Each of these types has a different price than zebra blinds, but before we get to know the prices, let us tell you how to install zebra blinds in the next paragraph.

Roller zebra blinds installation service

Is there a specific way to install zebra blinds? Yes, it is true that it is easy to install, but its highly efficient installation requires an installation technician to get the required result, and its installation includes several steps:

  • Determine the size of the window, taking into account that the curtain is larger than the window.
  • Then he put the curtain over the window.
  • Install the screws using an electric drill.
  • Then at the end we lift the curtain and install the screws and make sure it is well placed.

Venecia offers you a very special service for installing curtains. As it provides you with a technical staff at the highest level, as for the prices of zebra blinds, this is what we will explain in the next paragraph.

Zebra blinds prices (Zebra blinds prices in Egyptian pounds)

Zebra blinds prices vary from one company to another, and the price is determined by several factors:

  • Design: The design prices of regular curtains differ from the 3D design.
  • Accessories used: The higher the quality of the accessories, the higher the price.
  • Curtain Size: Definitely the small size is less expensive than the large size.
  • Quality of materials: Quality materials control the price of the curtain.
  • Technical competence in installation.

If you want to know the prices of zebra curtains in Egyptian pounds, we cannot mention a specific value, but we will mention the average price per square meter for a zebra curtain. In general, the prices of zebra curtains start from EGP 600 per square meter, including installation inside Cairo.

Best zebra blinds companies

Venecia is the best company in the world of curtains because of its many advantages, namely:

  • Great experience in the field of curtains (25 years).
  • It has the finest materials and the coolest designs.
  • It has a large production line, which ensures that you can provide the required quantity, regardless of its number.
  • The quality of the accessories used in installing the curtains.
  • It has a highly trained installation technician staff.
  • Commitment to installation dates without delay or disruption.
  • Finally, it has competitive prices that make its zebra blinds affordable for everyone.

Therefore, do not hesitate to buy curtains from Phenicia, as you will not find a company capable of providing that quality with such professionalism except Phenicia, what are you waiting for?! Contact us now to find everything you want.

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