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Zebra curtains for home

When you decide to renovate your home, you must choose the latest decorations that suit your taste. One of the most important additions that give you a wonderful artistic touch to your home is the curtains. You may wonder what are the latest types of curtains that combine modernity and privacy? It is zebra blinds for home.

Zebra curtains are a breakthrough in the world of curtains, as they combine many advantages that are not found in other models, in addition to their attractive colors and wonderful designs.

Let us, in this article, shed more light on zebra blinds for the home, what are their advantages? Does it have a specific method of installation? Best places for zebra blinds for sale? All this and more we know in this article.

The newest types of home curtains

If you are looking for the newest types of home curtains, then you must choose zebra curtains for the home because of their wonderful characteristics and advantages that distinguish them from other curtains.

  • It consists of a group of strips, some of which are transparent and some are opaque.
  • They are called roller blinds because they are controlled by the side cord.
  • If you prefer privacy and dim light, Zebra curtains for the home provide you with that and more.

In order to decide to search for zebra blinds models for sale, you must first know the advantages of this type of blinds, and this is what we will explain in our next paragraph.

Features of zebra curtains for the home

Zebra blinds are the most popular among other types of blinds because they have many advantages, which are:

  • You can control the amount of light you want.
  • It gives you the complete privacy you are looking for.
  • Not affected by weather factors.
  • The cost is reasonable and not too high.
  • Completely prevent dust from entering.
  • Easy to disassemble, install and control very easy.
  • There are many designs and colors.
  • Material quality.
  • It matches all home decorations.

All these features make it very popular, but is it easy to install or is it complicated to install? This is what we know in the next paragraph.

How to remove and install zebra blinds at home

The method of removing and installing zebra blinds for the home is very easy, but it requires an installation technician to obtain the required quality.
There are tools that must be available when installing zebra blinds for the home, which are:

  •  tape measure.
  •  lead pencil.
  • Metal ruler.
  • Screws for installation.
  • Plastic wedge.
  • Hammer.
  •  electric drill.
  • Water balance.
  •  Install parts.
  • And of course the curtain fabric.

Here’s how:

  • First: The size of the window is measured, taking into account that the curtain is larger than the size of the window.
  • Second: Place a point above the window using a ruler, place a second point below the window using a water level, and then fix the distance between the two points.
  • Third: After making sure that there are no deviations by means of the water balance, we raise the curtain over the window.
  • Fourth: We use an electric drill to make a hole in the wall of the window in order to install the screws.
  • Fifth: We use the hammer to insert the plastic wedge into the hole.
  • Sixth: Finally, we raise the curtain to the top, then install the screws.

The question now is: Is the way to clean zebra blinds for the home easy? This is what we will answer in the next paragraph.

How to clean zebra blinds at home

In order for the zebra blinds to always appear for the home and remain radiant, they must be kept clean at all times, and in order to obtain this, they must be cleaned:

Clean zebra blinds at home weekly

This is done by flicking the dust with a feather duster or old fibers.

Clean zebra blinds at home monthly

By using the vacuum cleaner, taking into account the application of the gentle brush, and sweeping the zebra blinds for the house, a gentle sweep.

In the event that there are stains on the zebra blinds for the home, you can follow the following steps:

  • Use a stain remover or use vinegar to get rid of the stains.
  • Do not use bleach to avoid damage to the curtain.
  • Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the stain.
  • Don’t rub the curtain vigorously, but handle it gently.

Venecia offers you the latest and most amazing designs of zebra curtains for the home. You can browse our website to see the most beautiful models of zebra curtains for sale, as Venecia has great experience in the world of curtains that makes it able to provide the best models with the finest materials, in addition to providing installation technicians at the highest level.

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