TaHoma® switch

The Comfort of Smart Shading Technology That Simply Works

A single smart hub platform for RTS, Zigbee and future ecosystems, Somfy’s TaHoma switch uses technology that’s open and forward-looking. Live a more comfortable and convenient life with intuitive control of your shades & blinds, and the ability to configure your smart home via leading consumer platforms.

The TaHoma® switch can control up to 50 Somfy Zigbee products and 40 channels of Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) motorized products. The TaHoma® app enables users to setup and configure their products, and access their smart shading from anywhere.TaHoma also enables integration with third-party control systems by leveraging the Somfy Synergy™ API.


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The TaHoma pro app is exclusively for professionals, offering quick & easy setup for Somfy powered motorized shading using Zigbee, RTS, or both!

Easily commission solutions in your customers’ homes that include the TaHoma switch for advanced options like app/voice control and third-party smart home integrations, or using the simpler (no-hub) Standalone Solution.

Both are easily configurable via the TaHoma pro app.